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Our Goal

Our goal at Cheesy Design is to help you expand your local business into the international arena through offshore software development, software localisation, foreign language technical support services, and sales channel functions. Our software teams can also be used to help you ramp up efficiently for new projects in your local market.

Cheesy Design is an Australian company with Australian directors who are directly responsible for the operation of the company. All contracts are covered by Australian law, and when dealing with Cheesy Design your administration workflow is the same as dealing with any other Australian company.

Our Services

Cheesy Design Offshore Software Development

Software development is Cheesy Design’s primary service. Our software teams are led by highly experienced Australians who work closely in person with our developers to deliver the quality that meets Australian expectations. Cheesy Design is a low-risk international software development company:

  • Our partners retain their valuable customer relationships
  • We define the work as members of our partner’s onshore team
  • Customers commit to month-by-month work units only
  • We write software offshore well
  • Customers review real software at the end of each month

Software Localisation

Cheesy Design has access to talented native Mandarin speaking software developers who can localise your sofware for the Chinese Mandarin speaking market throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Foreign Language Technical Support

The native Mandarin speaking developers who author or localise your software are also rotated through technical support to provide your foreign customers with first class front line service.

Sales Channel Functions

As part of our software development and localisation services, Cheesy Design can help you expand your customer base through foreign language marketing, and sales personel services provided by our alliances in the Asia Pacific region.

Unique Model

We are different from other offshore alternatives in a number of ways:

  • We have Australian software engineers offshore managing development
  • We partner with onshore software companies
  • Our managersĀ are onshore and work with you to define the specifications
  • The people who help define the specifications directly manage the developers
  • We track progress daily and re-affirm project estimates monthly
  • Our offshore teams are in Taiwan (highly educated, close cultural fit, low turnover/inflation)

Our company adapts to your needs

At Cheesy Design our partnerships are our most valuable asset. We are small and agile and adapt quickly to our customer’s needs. Currently we cater to the following technologies, but can build teams to handle other technologies as required:

  • C#, C++/CLI, Winforms, WPF
  • C/C++
  • PL/SQL

Contact Us (Australia)
We currently operate in Adelaide, Australia.

For partners/clients:
e-mail: contact@cheesydesign.com

Contact Us (Taiwan)
We currently operate in Taipei, Taiwan

For potential employees in Taiwan:
e-mail: jobs@cheesydesign.com

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